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On March 7th I attended my mediation between the owners of the company, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (as it is called in Canada), the Human Resources Manager for the company and myself.

I was given the opportunity to talk first, and from there I had asked for my former position back and had asked that the supervisor be transferred, as I had clearly done nothing wrong. (For those of you who are not familiar with this situation I was assaulted physically by my supervisor and charges were placed with the police). I was then told by the owners that I had blown this out of proportion and it was a nothing thing, apparently all the employees at this company agree with the owners. At this point the mediator had to stop the meeting as she could clearly see that I was emotionally upset by what had been said to me.

I was also told by the Human Resources Manager that I had not given the company a proper chance to deal with the situation. I had eagerly gone to the police to lay charges the following day. I feel strongly and the mediator felt strongly that the company/owners still could have gone through with some sort of disciplinary action regardless of the charges laid.

The owners made it quite clear that this bookkeeper was not going to be terminated or transferred. The reason for not terminating him was he had not yet been convicted in court, so as far as they were concerned he was innocent. (Next court appearance March 28th). The reason for not transferring him was, their inventory is at head office, and he was needed there to keep an eye on this 7 - 8 million dollar a year business.

From this comment made by the owners, tempers flared to a point that the mediator had asked me to step out into the hallway, as which point she had decided the mediation was going no where and she was going to terminate it. The mediator did not want to put me through anymore then I had already gone through. While we were out in the hall I had a panic attack which she witnessed and she would be noting this in the report she had to give to the WSIB adjudicator. I was then advised by this mediator that the company has breached the employment act Section 41 by not allowing me to return to my former position so, therefore, they will be paying a fine which will amount to just over $55,000.00. The fine comes from two years of my salary the first one will be paid by lump sum and the other will be paid weekly or Bi-weekly etc.

The mediator then informed me that I will receive benefits for up to one year, and they have a Placement Agency that will contact me, to help me enter into the work force again, this will be at the expense of the company. I was told that even if I were to get a job within the next few weeks, the company must pay this two year fine regardless, as this was the option they chose.

This mediator who has worked for WSIB for 20 years and told me, never has seen been involved with anything so insane or unbelievable as this situation. She told me I was better off getting out now while I still have my health and good frame of mind. She also commended me on my good morals and values.

My feelings are very much of relief, that I don't have to go back to this company and be tormented or abused anymore. I now can sleep at nights, I don't have those bad chest pains, no more nightmares, eating habits have changed for the better now that the end to this horrendous situation has come.

I feel very strongly that I have won, as I am the one, who can walk with my head held high as I did nothing wrong. I feel very confident that I can my expertise with me to make a positive contribution in another company.

I would like to thank Andy Ellis for allowing us to put our stories online. This is very important to all of us. From this site, I have read and reread all of the information available and I am now a much wiser and alert person because of this site.

All of us, who have been in this position need help and support, that is what this site is all about. I can attest that I have received much support and advice from all you wonderful people. Let not lose sight of what this means to someone like myself who needs your help.