Useful List Server Resources.

The links below lead you to pages that allow you to sign up for what is commonly referred to as a 'list server'.

A list server is best thought of as a large address book filled with email addresses in which any emails that are sent to the 'list server' is distributed to all in that address book. The Target Support list therefore will contain email addresses of a large number of people who have either been bullied, are being bullied, lawyers, psychologists, Industrial Relations experts and so on. All the help you need both by way of emotional support and good advice.  Be sure however to not rely on that advice and obtain proper legal advice from qualified professionals before making any decisions in respect of legal action.

Workplace Bullying Discussion List (General discussion).
Workplace Bullying Target Support List.

Do you have a support service for workplace bullying and harassment?   To have it added to this page mail me.